Judges: Lucie Gabrielová, Ladislava Richterová

Stevards: Anna Musilová, Zuzana Coufalová

Open classes: OB1, OB2, OB3

Competition will be held accordingly with FCI obedience rules:

Beginner class will not be opened!

Pictures of equipment, heelwork, ring plan and order of execrices will be published as soon as possible.

Time schedule and competition days (Saturday and/or Sunday) will be decided  according to the number of competitors in each class.

Each competitor must have his national working book for the dog he registrers for the competition.


Eligibility to compete in obedience classes:

Only teams who have passed lower class with in excellent may compete in next class. (OB1 passed with an excellent to compete in OB2, OB2 passed with an excellent to compete in OB3).

For OB1 national beginner class has to be passed at least with a good. If team comes from a country that does not have beginner class, OB1 at has to be passed (at least with a good).