Judges: Lucie Gabrielová, Ladislava Richterová

Stevards: Anna Musilová, Zuzana Coufalová

Open classes: OB1, OB2, OB3

Competition will be held accordingly with FCI obedience rules:

Beginner class will not be opened!

Pictures of equipment, heelwork, ring plan and order of execrices will be published as soon as possible.

Time schedule and competition days (Saturday and/or Sunday) will be decided  according to the number of competitors in each class.

Each competitor must have his national working book for the dog he registrers for the competition.


Eligibility to compete in obedience classes:

Only teams who have passed lower class with in excellent may compete in next class. (OB1 passed with an excellent to compete in OB2, OB2 passed with an excellent to compete in OB3).

For OB1 national beginner class has to be passed at least with a good. If team comes from a country that does not have beginner class, OB1 at has to be passed (at least with a good).


Entry form deadline 31.3.2020.


Entry rules

Online registration will be opened 1.2.2020

Only dog handlers who can prove a valid membership in WDSF member associations or clubs may participate. The dog can compete only in level of IGP that had already been finished (eg. There must be finished IGP3 exam for competing in IGP3 category).

Complete implementation rules of WDSF - http://www.wdsf.nl/documents/

Any kind of violence and aggression towards the animals, usage of spiked collars, electronic collars, whips, etc. are strictly prohibited. A violation of the above mentioned regulations might cause a disqualification from the WDSF World Championship. In case the dog is left behind in the car or trailer, the owner or handler has to ensure that the dog is provided with sufficient drinking water supply and fresh air.
Handler is responsible for all the damages caused by the dog. It is necessary to keep basic hygienic rules – specially to clean-up after your dog(s)!
The organizer is not responsible for any injury, loss or death of dogs.

Each dog must be identified by the microchip and must have international passport with valid vaccination against rabbies.
Legal information about travelling with pets to Czech Republic from EU member states –   https://en.svscr.cz/animal-health/travelling-with-pet-animals/iii-travelling-with-dogs-cats-and-ferrets-to-the-czech-republic-from-the-eu-member-states/

Legal information about travelling with pets to Czech Republic from third countries

Bitches in heat may participate in the trials but must go in B and C last.

A veterinary will be available during the entire event. 

In case of cancelling due to vis major, all collected fees shall be used to cover event expenses.



The judge’s decision shall be final and incontestable. Justifiable objections may be made in cases where the judge has violated the trial regulations but not against his assessments.

Any such objections must be made in writing before end of judging of the event. In such case, a guarantee bond of € 200 must be lodged at the same time as the protest.  If the protest should be rejected, the guarantee shall be forfeited in favor of the organiser.