Entry fee for 1 dog (10 EUR for WDSF fee included)

  • Agility and obedience 55 EUR
  • IGP 75 EUR
  • Gala party will take place on Saturday 2.5. evening – price is 30 EUR per person

  • Bank account:
    IBAN: CZ56 0100 0001 2312 8433 0267
    Bank: Komercni banka

    Address: Kutnohorska 273
    280 78 Kolin
    Czech Republic

    Please write in text: dogs name and category of the competition

    Only dog handlers who can prove a valid membership in WDSF member associations or clubs may participate (please enclose the prove of mebership below).

    The dog can compete only in level of IGP that had already been finished (eg. There must be finished IGP3 (or IPO3) exam for competing in IGP3 category).

    Eligibility to compete in obedience classes:
    Only teams who have passed lower class with in excellent may compete in next class. (OB1 passed with an excellent to compete in OB2, OB2 passed with an excellent to compete in OB3). For OB1 national beginner class has to be passed at least with a good. If team comes from a country that does not have beginner class, OB1 at has to be passed (at least with a good).

    In case of cancelling due to vis major, all collected fees shall be used to cover event expenses.

    By submitting the electronic application form, the handler agrees with the competition rules and with processing his/her personal data for the purpose of identification at the competition (catalogs, results service, photo, video) and presentation on the event website.

    Exception form download HERE

    Dog’s data
    Date of birth: dd.mm.yyyy
    Pedigree number:
    Chip number:
    Health tests:
    Working certificate:

    Dog’s parents
    Pedigree number:
    Health tests:
    Working certificate:

    Pedigree number:
    Health tests:
    Working certificate:

    Handler’s data
    Club member:
    Membership number:
    If you are not a member of associated club, you need exception from WDSF. Please enclose the approved exception as enclosure below.
    apply for category
    IGP :
    IGP 1 yes    no
    IGP 2 yes    no
    IGP 3 yes    no
    OB1 yes    no
    OB2 yes    no
    OB3 yes    no
    A1 yes    no
    A2 yes    no
    A3 yes    no
    Number of tickets for gala party:
    Photo (handler with dog) :
    Copy of peedigree :
    Working certifikate :
    Prove of membership or exception:
    Payment confirmation :